Edinburgh Airport, arriving on a Wednesday night at 10.20……….don’t do it. Pick any other day.

Four flights regularly arrive within half an hour on Wednesday evening, nearly 1000 people needing to be filtered through Immigration. There were two tightly packed corrals either side of a small space, with a very large number of tired travellers. The corrals met in the middle. Forty minutes it took, to get through that system. Around and about the walls, there were highly visible notices warning of Swine flu and how to protect oneself. (Given half a chance!)

At 10.20pm, on that evening, on that day of the week, there were only two Immigration officials on duty, and a very brief bit of assistance from a third official, who called through the exceptionally few – about four- non-EU passport holders. We wondered if a third world airport arrival might have been more interesting; likely, it could have been similar.

“Welcome to Edinburgh International Airport”. :yes:




  1. What an imaginative idea. :DD

    However, P, I doubt whether this multi-cultural, very tired, some irritated, overheated and needing a comfort room, queue, of mis-treated people, would have been your best customer base.

    As for protecting yourself from swine flu…

  2. I think the two influenzas have a merging point with swine flu, there are some similarities in the formation of it. Bird flu has not disappeared.

    I heard there were two confirmed cases of swine flu in the rural area I live in. Not sure exactly where they are located, apart from possibly the hospital at the moment. I expect we’ll hear more, now swine flu has been upgraded to a pandemic.

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