Contrition, demonstrating being humble and the excuse of a momentum of [female] group resignations; none of this sat quite right when I heard the interview with a certain politician who has very recently caused a government party upset in flamboyant, arrogant and insensitive manner. My cynicism kicked in.

She’s trying to save her local seat, save face with the local party management and activists” I said. And of course, in later news, I was proved correct on all counts.

Hazel Blears lost touch with just about everything to do with her role as a people’s representative, her support structure, and daily reality. Unfortunately, she was not the only politician from the various political camps, to do that. She committed a number of cardinal sins, including an abuse of trust, and taking people for granted. Who in their right mind, publicly waves around a cheque, demonstrating that, late in the day, they are making financial amends for unethical and dishonest behaviour. As if that makes it, and everything else okay. Such arrogance!

Blears’ judgement and general capacity, have been found sorely wanting in all directions. Sadly, she is not the only one, there are still politicians in another party who are being protected by their leader, and by a conspiracy of silence from the media. Not only is the media being judge and jury, it is also filtering out of the expenses polemic, those who it will tolerate. Future ‘friends’ perhaps, and old debts being repaid in kind?


0 thoughts on “POWER CORRUPTS, AND HOW!

  1. All good points, Menhir. I think the saddest thing for me is when the politicians blame the system of claiming expenses, as though they were somehow forced to fiddle.

    Honourable men and women need few rules – they know what is acceptable and what is not. πŸ˜‰

  2. Yes, these ‘responsible adults’ need a dose of a good nursery school where they are carefully taught that the toy they were playing with, and used to ill effect, did not make them do ‘it’.

    The title ‘honourable’ has been tarnished for centuries. Who would want, truly,to receive such a tacky label. Politicians and power brokers of all parties have lived up to its tarnish. Plus ca change, Tylluan.

    I wait to see if reforms are really what they need to be. There is a discussion required about public acceptance of appropriate remuneration tied up with it, and what we, a strapped and misused public, will tolerate.

  3. As our media has been clogged up with navel gazing, we haven’t heard a great deal of the comparative government and power corruptions elswhere. Nor have we heard about important European and global issues, either.

  4. Obviously, there was always corruption within politics but there seems to have been something particular about the particular crop of politicians. I wonder if it is in part due to the rise of managerialism in politics and sadly in all areas of public life because what that did was to remove ethics from politics. Now I have been, sadly, on enough courses where the secret of management (hold your nose here) was ‘to empower people to realise your vision’. i.e you find a way to manipulate people into doing what you want, the only purpose of discussion is to smooth the way to imposing what you, the person in charge,want. So where does your vision come from? Original thought? Genuine research? No your vision is imposed on you by even more powerful people who in turn have that vision imposed on them. At no stage does anyone genuinely consider if what we are doing is right both ethically and also in reality.
    To ‘monitor’ the imposition of their vision targets are set and unscrupulous people cheat to meet the targets because their promotion depends upon it, again no ethics considered here and I have found that many of the newer Heads of Department with who I work,see no point to discussion unless it is to simply reinforce what they have been told is the new and ‘radical’ way forward.

    In this new system dissent is seen as reactionary and ethics as old fashioned.

  5. It’s not just this crop of politicians Tim who have been particularly dishonest, it is the crops from 1987 or thereabouts. Records from four or more years ago have been destroyed. Back-checking is therefore impossible. A certain Mr T Blair ensured that all his expenses and other ‘personal’ details were destroyed, expunged from the record, so-to-speak. Need anyone ask, why?

    While the public were seen not to tolerate wage rises for their ‘masters’, bearing in mind that the public were constantly having their spending power squashed, the master/mistress of the masters, engineered a fuzzy, lax expenses system to quietly support the lining of pockets. So fuzzy was it, that the public purse even supported people who did nothing while on the payrolls of serving MP’s administrative offices, (family of course). It blighted those wives/husband’s partners, who did work assiduously 24/7 for the MP’s constituents. I saw a number who worked very hard. It is a shame they were tarred in this way. I still feel it was strange and wrong, that the particular MP I have in mind, was not arraigned in court for embezzlement and fraud. In this respect, the legal structure of the land has colluded with the miscreant. It weakened their authority in my eyes.

    It is very sad, to see the limited sense of ethics and values and lack of honesty that a number of the MP’s have demonstrated. As I commented before, a good dose of nursery school would be in order, so they could learn that the toy used to ill-effect by the individual, did not make them do ‘it’. Personal responsibility does not seem to be well formed. Again, sadly, those that have have been ethical are also being tainted by association.

    As for managerialism, manipulation and conformity, what’s new Tim……… The new element is that it has been packaged and sold as a business tool to be used in every kind of setting whether entirely suitable or not.

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