As dull and wet as it was today, I visited some private gardens that were opened for the Scottish Open Gardens scheme. Funds raised go to charities. There were set fees with concessions. If wanted, for a princely sum of £2, I could have afternoon teas with home baking, as much as I could eat, I was told.

The hall was busy with afternoon tea takers. A coach, which arrived when I queued to obtain my garden visits ticket and gardens location map, disgorged another thirty plus people to swell their ranks. The best strategy, I decided, was to head off to the gardens, before the hordes finished their refreshment.

The first stop was Granny’s Garden;


Globules of rain water sat on plants and our feet squelched as we walked on the sodden ground.


Just the thing, at the next garden stop, a rocking break.


In another garden I spied an accidental rain water collector.


What a delicate flower, one that was ready to multiply;


Then…….ornamental rhubarb.P1010102



  1. Left over damp, it was very,very current. I had my weather proof hood up during the time of my outdoor visits. The rain really did not let up.

    The pix when uploaded here, do not show the detail, raindrops on flora and fauna etc.

  2. Wow, then these are even better pics. Yes, I sometimes have a hard time getting the extra elements to show through. But, those are great pics And thank you for sharing your rain soaked day. Maybe next time you can have a sun filled day. Hugs

  3. That is a beautiful place.
    I just realised we’ve been crossing paths along blogland for so long,you were one of the first people to comment on my blog…and we are not friends, no idea why.:)


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