Between really heavy downpours, there are ever so bright, ever so short, bright, sunny periods. They shift in to fool us. The bright moments lull us into believing we are about to enjoy some reasonable respite from the heavy grey clouds that convert into the wettest and relentless rainfalls.

I gave up on thinking there might be time to get washing out and dried. I almost gave up on doing washing. My umbrella having been abused by a force eight gust a couple of weeks ago, just about does a fragile job of keeping the worst of the rain off me. Looking at the double spars that have been untwisted, making them look bandy-legged, I don’t think the umbrella, which is a fairly new one, is going to be in service of any sort, for much longer.

In deference to the mildness of the day, I wore lightweight clothes and a fleece, and yes……….my trousers were soaked. Balls of rain dropped on and rolled off my fleece. I was wet and damp.


0 thoughts on “ROLL ON ROLL OFF

  1. You’re absolutely right. :>> We’ve had one pleasant day so far this week.

    I phoned a relative in London this morning who said it was glorious where she was. We talked about bees instead.

  2. Each place must have its appeal; no where can be absolutely perfect…..what one misses in one place are invariably compensated with other things…At least this has been my experience in my life — having lived in several places..So! I expect where you are do have their charms and compensations….:)

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