It never ceases to amaze me what kids get attached to and stay with into adulthood. Baby teddy and big teddy are safely wrapped up in the loft. Some other copy Stief style teddy lounges lazily on the bed, what for, I am not sure, it is collecting dust. Now, Miffy, on the other hand, travels the world and can be seen, it has been said, on social networking sites in different capital cities and tourist sites of the world.

The map of the world duvet and pillow cover are hiked out for regular use, even though some of it is now history. Some countries have changed their names. Cities and towns have their linquistic spellings, whereas they were known differently a decade or so ago. These bedcovers clearly illustrate it. Of course, the countries themselves, however much their identities have been updated, doggedly remain in their fixed positions in the global design of things.


0 thoughts on “GLOBETROTTING

  1. It’s great if we can; so many wandering peoples on this earth have little or nothing to hold on to, apart from memories, which are not always the kindest.

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