This morning, while I sipped a coffee in one of my favourite local coffee places, a disabled woman arrived following on behind a loud spoken husband. Every now and then she felt the need to tell him to ‘Shhhhh’ down the volume a bit.

They got talking about her new netbook computer. The neighbours kids had tried to set up her internet connection as she has never set fingers, ever, on anything resembling a computer. The CD that came with the router and cables was of no help, because netbooks do not have an integrated optical drive. All the assistance given, thus far, seemed to have complicated matters. Giving the INDIAN helpdesk remote access to the netbook, with the kids following the instructions, had not connected the machine to the internet. The antivirus and firewall software had disappeared and, “The router lights are the wrong colour“. :**:

Domiciliary help will be sought from a local computer man to set up the internet – details given by the café proprietress – so she can learn to play with her machine and gain some familiarity with it. All the lady wanted, was to look at bits of the local world that interested her, from home. “The local estate agents and the shopping channels“. I offered to visit in the next couple of weeks – I cannot do it sooner – and if still required, give some guidance where it may be wanted.

The lady tried talking to hubby sotto-voce about what we had discussed. However much he tried to lip read her, he could not comprehend; she repeated herself, and each time, a little louder….no use. It was kinder for me to sup up my coffee and make an exit so they could talk at a volume hubby could hear. I did think though, that hubby and wife could benefit from him using a hearing aid or two.




  1. I was surprised by the limitations of the netbook, when I recently saw some. I guess it is a more economic purchase option for young kids than a laptop or for individuals who don’t want to do much with a computer facility and are fazed by anything resembling a professional computer or laptop.

    I felt, though, when examining the netbook, the benefit of neat fingers would be an advantage. My other conclusion was, that, because of the constraints of the minimal facilities, if you wanted to have some of the benefits of other things, the cost could exponentially rise by having to purchase separate drives. It is not a tidy way to build a computer system.

    If all you want is a browser and email client and perhaps, Skype, then the netbook will do that level of work. I was less sure how it would handle administrative software, even programmes such as Star Office. I guess storage, memory and disk capacity would be everything.

    The one model I did not see was the Asus, which, for its type, has had good reviews. Even so, it will be a netbook and therefore, much as such as all the others in what it will offer. Obviously, spec for that one could be found online.

    You need to think carefully about what you want your portable computing facility to work at and do for you. Also, what facilities you want; e.g. do you need/want an integrated optical drive?

  2. You’re welcome.

    I was pleased to see what the thing was. At least I have a notion of what I will be facing if the lady I met, still wants assistance when I can get to visit her.

    Personally, I don’t want a netbook, it would not do for me. I will stay with my notebook.

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