“At last”, I thought, when I heard that there was to be a police investigation into some elements of the abuse of parliamentary expenses. My concern is, that will it be too little too late. There have been other high profile heavy dippings into the trough of the public purse, which so far, stay immune from prosecution. I still do not understand why.

It was beginning to appear that those who stand under the roof struts of Westminster, were spray-coated with Teflon from the moment they entered Parliament. It still seems to me, that though the non-stick coating is cracking in places, sufficient of it, is adhering to protect some ‘major’ figures, who are quietly refunding the public purse in the hope that no further muck will stick to them.



  1. A lot of people feel like you and I.

    Elizabeth Filkin who was appointed to oversee administration etc, and tried to reform Rt Hon Members parliamentary systems, some years ago, was effectively drummed out of her job by the MP’s. They liked what they had, far too much. MP’s have now been hoisted by their own petards.

  2. Agreed.

    It is interesting to note, that Betty Boothroyd, who was then the Speaker Of The House was vociferous in her criticisms of Mrs Filkin, no less, were other well known names, like a certain William Hague and many other MP’s. Now, eight years since Mrs Filkin’s departure, Betty Boothroyd is muted and in agreement with reform, as is everyone else, new-ish and older in the tooth.

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