What a glorious week of weather we have experienced where I live. This evening I decided we would eat al fresco for the very first time during this lovely Summery spell. Guess what, a dirty great black cloud formed as we sat down.

The bread was munched as the slight breeze turned into a more urgent gentle wind. In the distance long rolls of thunder were heard sounding like the drum rolls of a dramatic symphony building up. It got darker. A forkful of salad later, I decided it was time to take in the little bit of washing I had on the line, while it was dry and warm.

High overhead, formations of seagulls flew Westward. The thunder rolls got louder and closer, the sky darkened more. A damp wind rushed in and swirled round us. Plates, dishes and bowls were removed with haste into the house. It was just in time.

When the rain came, it was torrential. The thunder enthusiastically clapped and lightening danced to it, forked and amazing. This was nature’s own firework demonstration as only Mother Nature can do it.

Afterwards, the Summery evening skies returned, but with it there were sounds of many emergency sirens. On a hillside on the edge of the town, there was smoke, a lot of smoke. The evening air that was freshened by the rain, is now contaminated by the smell of fire.



  1. The clouds have cleared here in Luxulyan and there is a porcelain, blue sky above. What a contrast to last night where the sky was dull and featureless and the damp hung in the air like, well like wet washing!
    It’s one of the things that I love most about this country is the way the weather can change so dramatically from day to day and sometimes magically from hour to hour.
    All the best,

  2. It was quite a storm – one house roof struck, created a wreck of a property; no-one in it hurt, thank heavens. Also a garden was set alight. Later, because of the electrical instability, a couple of masts were affected and went on fire too.

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