Kelvin Mackenzie and Bunkum!

Kelvin Mackenzie thrives on being gratuitously offensive in just about every pronouncement he makes. In a discussion today on BBC radio, he referred to the arguments against digital radio services being switched on soon, (preferably now) as being orchestrated by the socialists in Ofcom!

Apart from the fact that digital services are still degraded in very many areas, including localities of London where the BBC has studios, surprise, surprise, and digital services don’t exist in large swathes of the United Kingdom, I would like to know what it has to do with anyone’s social allegiance.

Technically, digital broadcasting is not yet functionally good enough. The technical experts have to admit to it, so are they also socially excluded from knowledge and intelligence on the matter, according to Mr Mackenzie’s definitions.

In the Scottish Borders there has recently been a switch over to digital broadcasting services. What the residents were not told, was that they would not be able to receive all services they were used to with FM.

Mr Mackenzie needs to think – if that’s in his behavioural repertoire – before he opens his self-serving mouth, demonstrating his abject ignorance and shallowness of argument.

I’m still waiting for someone to tell me how time signals from Big Ben are going to be adapted, as at present, digitally, they are about twenty seconds slower than the actual time.


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