This week, NHS 24 told the UK via national broadcasting media, to drink plenty of fluids but avoid tea, coffee and alcohol. There was a veritable deluge of protest from educated listeners and viewers, a consequence of which, was the wheeling out of experts (at last) in the matter of fluid intake.

1.Tea, (whatever your personal tastes might be) is an ancient well tried remedy and in hotter drier countries than ours, for rehydrating and refreshing individuals.

2.Coffee, in moderation will not do any harm, it will leave the drinker with a residue of fluid that might not otherwise be taken, several hundreds of millilitres in fact. Other liquids such as water should not be neglected.

3.Alcohol will dehydrate. NHS 24 got 1:3 right. If that is not worrying, what is?

And the nation is being told to rely on NHS 24 advice. Help!!!


0 thoughts on “WHOSE ADVICE…..HELP!

  1. It’s the caffeine in tea and coffee they want people to avoid.
    Also tea is fine but with milk and sugar?? blergh !

    Sorry, this is the wine talking:))


  2. Glad to hear you would be more expert and sensible than the so-called experts. In desperation I might even drink tea instead of coffee. I would certainly enjoy an Earl Grey or a tisane when the weather is warm or hot.

    In the London underground a couple of summers ago, I drank more water than ever and carried wet wipes everywhere. The amount of camaraderie there was between passengers, who would not normally glance in your direction, was remarkable. It was horrible, sticky and really awful heat to cope with. This year must be similar.

  3. Nope, the caffeine content in the tea and coffee was discussed and the so-called expert from NHS 24 had got it badly wrong. And the evidence of centuries of the benefits of tea is well documented. I don’t even like tea.

    I do think it’s time the various lobbies had their pronouncements questioned and examined, rather than being believed at the first spouting. There’s been too much induced gullibility.

  4. I totally agree with you.
    One day a crazy dude decides tea is good and next day an asshole decides it’s bad!

    They cannot be trusted and everybody should be aware of that.
    It’s all about common sense, something very hard to find these days.

  5. When I had the hip op. I had to drink 4 litres min. per day of water, to flush my system, reduce the chance of infection, bring my temp. down and wash away residuals from the drugs but also to drink tea as it acts as a dioretic and stimulates the need to pee….

  6. I drink a lot of ice tea and then I like black tea and green tea and herb teas. But, I also like my coffee but I drink more of decaf coffee at home so when I am out if I drink non decaf there is no issue. I drink bottle water too. I dont care what they say If it works dont break it

  7. The fluids (apart from those that do dehydrate, like alcohol)will flush through the system and cleanse, maintaining the efficient workings of our kidneys. In turn it maintains a safe body temperature, that’s the theory, which in general terms is right.

    I don’t drink ordinary tea so your prescription would not have been ideal for me. I would have adapted it to include coffee, with water on the side – if it was the strong stuff – as they do everywhere, but the UK, and I would take tisanes. I acknowledge that tea has been evidenced to work, refresh and rehydrate, for centuries in very, very hot and dry countries (irrespective of the diuretic properties of caffeine) I just don’t drink the stuff.

    In any case a certain amount of caffeine intake is also known to be useful. There has to be balance in all things.

    The principal of maintaining fluid levels, flushing through fluids is fine, but the NHS 24 representative, (whose qualifications are queriable in the circumstances) spouting dubious guidance as gospel, is not. I am glad the experts, who were medically and scientifically trained, were given air time the next day, however, the damage was done.

  8. We have never been a really hot weather country regularly, except in recent years, so reminders about maintaining fluid intake, what to avoid, taking care of yourself, etc. are publicly announced. The metro in London, is not air conditioned and can be seriously hot and uncomfortable. Some buses and a few overground lines may have AC.

    That said, there is absolutely no excuse for spouting dubious advice. As you say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, at least, not with the wrong product.

    Iced tea can be pleasant as are some herb teas. Like you, I enjoy coffee too. There is always water available at this time of year, and I don’t live in a particularly high temperature zone. I have to say, though, I am enjoying this rare, lovely period of ‘weather’ we’re getting in this locality.

    It’s getting to a point where you wonder what is trustworthy guidance. There hasn’t been enough challenge and there’s been too much tacit acceptance of every inappropriate statement ‘knowledgeably’ made.

  9. Over many years I have dispensed a lot a advice to poorly people about drinking fluids as part of my job. So this is what I say. Water is good but if you can’t stand it all the time a mug of fluid, be it tea, water, coffee, squash is ok. A cup an hour when you are awake is good as long as you vary what you drink. Moderation in all things.

  10. Absolutely! I bet you don’t get paid for your wise words, what the director of NHS24 does, for spouting far and wide his injudicious words.


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