Requests to be friends from people who have never written a blog on their blog site seems rather like asking other people to walk through thick fog and come out nowhere. :**:

Then there are requests from wannabe-bloggers who only regurgitate text books on, what might be, their specialist subject. Then again, it probably is not. It is just an easy option that avoids a bit of personal thinking, or heaven forfend! Originality. 🙄


0 thoughts on “HEAVEN FORFEND!

  1. Sure you can. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

    People without a blog on their site, or in sight, may have other agendas and that should be borne in mind.

  2. Agreed. I have just been invited to be a ‘friend’ by such a person, who does not have any content up themselves, has started out by asking me to do them a personal favour and has additionally emailed me asking about who can or cannot see ‘friends only’ posts. I don’t actually do very many of those, but in principle it all seems a bit like they don’t get blogging at all.

  3. Sounds like a debutante blogger or someone who wants to bombard lots of people with spam and is finding out how to do it.

    It’s a pain.

    I don’t mind helping out with guidance, if I can, to people who are actually blogging, or palpably demonstrating that they are trying to.

  4. Yep, idiots. Perhaps they are used to Twitter where nobody reads sod all what you write but everyone seems obsessed with how many people they have following them.
    I’ve got a Colombian blog “friend” called Carlos whose opening lines were “IN THIS SITES I PRACTISE LISTENING” and had three unintelligable threads last time I visited.
    However, I clicked “next blog” and was invited to buy real estate (land and property in a proper language) then clicked again and could have learnt all about carpets and window blinds.
    At least Carlos has written something personal and not tried to muscle into a social network with some company spiel.

  5. :))

    I always delete company spiel. I am not prepared to provide free advertising space nor allow obvious spam onto this space. Blog UK doesn’t support it either. They will erase such blogs if notified.

    Carlos is going to have a tremendous hill to climb if he is going to ‘listen’ to absolutely everything here in blog. Not all blogs are based solely on downloads from YouTube.

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