There is always a certain amount of ‘road kill’ on busy main rural ‘A’ roads. The kind of road where you have two lanes, a range of directional bends including switchback ones, Alpine driving conditions for long stretches. It demands you to concentrate and keep moving with the flow of traffic.

On such a sloping road this evening, where there were clear and dry conditions, two chunky vehicles in front of us slowed, the one being forced quickly to do so by the one in front of it. There was traffic behind us.

A Finnish motor home moved onto the grass verge on its left hand side without a signal, the transit van in front of us signalled it was overtaking and we did likewise. To our amazement, as we came alongside the motor home, it started to move off the verge and out towards the side of our car. It flashed us and probably any traffic behind us. Why, you ask? Because, there was a young wide-eyed bunny sitting in the road.

No, we did not add to the road kill. We were though, deeply concerned that on such a busy and difficult driving road, the motor home driver could have caused a serious traffic incident involving a number of people, who up to this point, had been treating the road with respect and care.


0 thoughts on “WIDE-EYED BUNNY

  1. Doesn’t it.

    Can’t be sure though. It wasn’t night time, so there was no freezing up with headlights or anything.

    I hope I don’t get behind anyone else trying to create a roundabout with a grass verge, who expects everyone else to know what the manoeuvre is all about by means of osmosis!!!!!!

  2. In China, you needn’t to care this point, because you have to drive too slow especially in the peak time. As the saying goes, in the urban area, you are not driving for yourself, but for others.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    In urban areas when there is lots of traffic, you cannot drive fast, there are speed limits that a driver should keep. There is also a rule that the driver should keep up with the flow of traffic (not make dangers for other road users) just so long as the flow of traffic is moving at a legal speed.

    In the rural and remote country areas it is different. Roads are not like city roads, or motorways. You have to drive carefully but not stupidly. The motor home driver was being very stupid and was putting other drivers and their passengers at risk.

  4. It was a horrendously stupid and dangerous action. The vehicle in front of us was a similar width and size to the Finnish motor home. It didn’t harm the animal and neither did we, in our narrower and smaller vehicle.

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