As I look out of my window, I see in the field that there are four sun-tanned coloured woolly coated sheep and two others that have their white shorn forms.

These sheep are a metaphor for my thoughts. There is a weather low over us, it has rained – meaningfully – today, I even needed to grab in my half dried washing from the line, together with hubby’s help. We quickly acquired the ambient dampness and both shivered. With the low, we also have a cold North Easterly wind. The central heating went on and I zipped up a cardigan over a lightweight jumper.

And if any patronising single-issue group with all their high-principled ideals, or, any utility company tells me how to reduce my carbon footprint, I will issue them with an invitation to come and live in harsher climates and translate their ideals into daily living in other than urban or warmer rural communities.

While I am on the rant-age, the only people who will benefit from suggested payments to provide their own energy to the national grid, will be the people for whom we are currently paying an additional levy on our fuel.

The woolly coats that most sheep have, are barely worth the shearing. It is done now, for the welfare of the animal and not because the wool has any value. Now, that source of warmth, is an area that could be looked at by those in high-folluting places.

0 thoughts on “ON THE RANT.

  1. En part!

    Pour le reste, ils sont quelques nouvelles des changments de clime, et leur effets, ou pas d’effet, sur nous meme et chez nous. Ici, il fait froid et il pleut. Il faut que nous fait faire marche la chauffage centrale.

    A good weekend to you too.

  2. although i love the romantic notion of living in such bleak climes, i know that i’m too much of a southern softie at heart and would miss our lovely summers (when we get them).

  3. It’s cold here too, Menhir – though I suspect nothing like you have in your part of the world.

    But I am heartily sick of people telling me to reduce my carbon footprint when I am shivering with the cold. And usually soaking wet to boot! 🙄

  4. Corus, bless ’em, tried really hard to save money by making us take one in every two lightbulbs or striplights out. I’ll make an effort to reduce my carbon footprint when they take out one on every two lights from the Houses of Parliament, Manchester United’s football floodlights and ASDA all night shops. As well as Time Square, Picadilly Circus, Shinjuku, Tokyo etc etc…until then they can stick it. Do as I say, not do as I do doesn’t wash up here in my house.

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