It’s not every day that you see sheep playing almost dead. This small flock did. Was it because their field abutted onto the town cemetery, I frivolously wondered. Hubby thought that was a bit ‘sheepish’.

We studied the prone white bodies and as a red van drew up at the far end of the field, one prominently snouted ewe unexpectedly stood up. The occupants of the vehicle got out, one, hauling a very large bag. The standing ewe sniffed the air, turned and moved towards the people, who were now moving away from the van. This was the signal for all, but two animals, to scamper very quickly to the far end, where the big sack-bag was being opened and the contents spread across the ground and also, into a trough. Sheep nuts……. such a treat, if you’re a member of the faternity of sheep! :yes:

The two cautious animals, a ewe and her very large lamb, were going nowhere very fast. The lamb was taking its cues from mum. Slow, slow, quick,quick, slow; a rythm foxtrot worthy of a ballroom dance. 😳

The nuts were disappearing fast. The woman with the feed bag, moved towards the ewe and lamb, but all the while, staying on the edge of the feeding throng. This prompted the stragglers to go to her, where, they then inched themselves in to the line of munching sheep.


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