Here I am, all dressed up in my cool, flowery, summery gear and open sandals. For the last twenty minutes the sky has been threatening and in the distance there have been ominous rumbles. The ambient air has become heavy, expectant and unpleasant.

Meantime, the wee birds are happily flapping wings and feeding on the seed feeder and peanut tube I filled up this morning. Although I would expect them to be,the birds are not bothered by the disturbing electricity in the air. They carry on nibbling at the food.

My washing is not quite dry, I shall leave it out a little longer. If wingéd wild life is relaxed about pecking away at the food, then my laundry is okay for a little longer.


A sheet of lightening has flashed across the sky, heavy rain has started; there is an unhealthy yellow tone in the overcast skies. Thunder is closer, it sounds warlike. It is rattling fiercely, but is not yet overhead. The thunder is without a doubt, rolling towards us. It won’t be long. When it comes, the storm is going to be an absolute cracker.


0 thoughts on “AN ABSOLUTE CRACKER!

  1. Always Beware….”an unhealthy yellow tone in the overcast skies.” An angry sky……:yes: Probably an absolute cracker; and they do have the ‘habit’ of returning — depending on the wind changing direction – learnt these little ‘titbits’ in Africa! ;)x

  2. We learned similar things here, as the skies are so open. It’s just about 10 days ago that there were lightening strikes and damage in this area.

  3. I guess I am the one that is watching ‘it’. 😉

    The rain was heavy for some time, then all cleared with a temperature drop, after which there was a pleasant early evening, till the haar came in.

    Let’s see what tomorrow may bring.

  4. Och, in a fortnight it will all be gone and forgotten, or there’ll be a brand new weather pattern. In any case, P our weather patterns do tend to differ somewhat from the softer South of Scotland.

    We’ve had peculiar storms in Winter, let alone at a time of year when you might expect one or two!

    Ayshire is lovely, Rabbie Burns country and all that. I hope you enjoy your trip.

    Being a lady of some leisure now, must feel like sheer luxury. 😉

  5. I’m sure it’s lovely where you live. I like Ayrshire (have been before) but I’d love to go further north. Skye, I’d like to go to. I was in Inverness once, years ago.

  6. What’s new, is that your financial concerns move forward into a new environment. It is one though, where, perhaps, you can contain matters differently. I gather, for example, that you have re-arranged how you live in the house. That could pay off handsomely and in not as long a period as obtaining your super degree.

    I can understand the concerns you have just now. It is a period of change and a bit of an interregnum. Are your earning options now more flexible?

  7. That sounds like a clanger of a dawn chorus.

    I think the birds we have fluttering around in the garden, are young and are still learning about life, feeding, and mother nature. And they are making large holes in my salad leaves….

  8. I’ve always been bad with money. Bit of a spendthrift. Bonnie, kind of Born Again, re finance and keeps telling me I don’t need this, that or the other but I always think I do.
    I’m lucky to have the tarot work. It’s quiet lately but it should pick up.
    It’s terrible because my real philosophy is like Del Boy’s ‘this time next year we could all be millionaire’s’. I haven’t giving up hoping for a well paid acting job and doubt I ever will.

  9. I have yet to visit Shetland and for that matter, the Western Isles. I haven’t been to Skye, no notion for it. That probably means, it’ll be interesting!!

  10. Hope springs eternal, meantime, you have to prepare for it and live real time. At some point, it may become back up. We always need back up.

  11. Why have you decided on Oberammergau this year? Student loan and credit cards will take a little longer to sort. If you are careful, you can do it.

  12. UK ,(if you don’t mind deep-seated Fawlty Towers mentality in a lot of places) is good with sterling being a bit weak. There are some really good fixed caravan sites or B & B’s worth digging around for. However, all of this spends money and you are in the market for conserving it just now, aren’t you.

  13. Oberammergau is next year. I have some old friends, I was at Library School with them (a previous incarnation). We’ve been friends 30 years and one suggested Oberammergau next year. I thought, well, truth is, we won’t all be around in another ten years (Oberammergau is every 10 years) so might as well go.

  14. Ayr is fine. Some great place to visit within reach. We went there a couple of times, some years ago, and stayed in a caravan park. Okay we rented one, but they were just soooo good, they’d be even more luxurious now I suppose. Gave lots of flexibility and at an economic price.

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