Gmail – Google’s web-based email facility, is now giving its users a new feature, a task pane…… or should that be pain………………………

The memory aid, as that is what it appears to be, tells you its yours. I know this because it has my name on it and says so.

Unless I have my computer working for 24/7, which I do not, this feature is not likely to be of any use to me. I can visualize it now. I want to remind myself to buy some tea. I know that it is me that it is reminding me, because the task pane says so.

However, to remind me that I have to be reminded of something, I have to switch on my computer, and especially go into my Gmail programme to find out what it is, that I need to remind myself about.

I think I will stick to good old fashioned pen and paper, or even a daily organiser, or diary. All of these are easily accessible, have an immediacy that gives me ease of reference.


0 thoughts on “IS THIS FOR ME?

  1. An iPhone book, lordy! That must be snippet reading. I have seen gadgets with A5 screens, which can offer different font sizes, so, almost a book-like piece of equipment. These gadgets offer out of copyright classics.

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