Why was the yellow helicopter circling around nearby fields? This yellow one belonged the regional hospital. It is the air-ambulance. There was no tailback of traffic that we could see, at that stage, on the road South. The helicopter found a suitable landing point in a nearby field. As we travelled on South, we could see how closely it had landed to the edge of the field, as near as possible to the road.

We came to a stop in front of a few large vehicles. One or two smaller ones attempted many point turns on this winding narrow part of the main road South. There was a great deal of lying water on it, from heavy and continuing rain. Fortunately, there was light traffic coming North, thereby allowing the other road users to make their manoeuvres.

There was no point in getting out of our vehicle, I could not have added anything helpful to whatever was occurring up ahead. One driver, not watching, and speeding for the prevailing conditions, came to a skidding halt close to my bumper; it needed to reverse. I mumbled some choice words, not that anyone outside our car heard them.

With cars turning back, we inched forward adjacent to a turning, which was signed up to a camp site. A woman scurrying down the lane, with her hood up, (it was raining heavily) said we could detour around the coastal back road and return to the main road, past the accident.

We saw a fire engine, all lights flashing, racing Northward and it stopped at the front of the little queue. We also glimpsed a vehicle with heavy lifting gear. Just to add complications to the alternative route we took, some ghouls parked on the narrow lane to watch events unfold.

Getting off the main road, sadly in unfortunate circumstances, gave us an opportunity to see some really unexpected beautiful scenery, both rural and seascape.

As we turned out into the main route again, an ambulance with sirens sounding and all lights blazing, was racing towards the scene of the accident.



  1. You are right. When the medical helicopter and team are called, it usually is very serious. I do hope there were no fatalities. The weather conditions were not good.

  2. We were not involved in any way whatsoever in the accident, fortunately. Except the idiot who was driving too fast could have gone into the back of our vehicle. He managed to stop, but so close to the bumper of my car; he had to reverse. There was a lot of lying water and continuing heavy rain. That driver was not noting the conditions or driving safely in them. I had my hazard light flashing and it stayed that way till we were able to turn off the trunk road.

    I do hope there were no fatalities or dreadful long term injuries.

    Thanks for asking.

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