It unexpectedly forked out of the sky, pointing down to a mature clump of fir trees. It was stunning to see, and no doubt would have been more than a stunner if it had hit anything specific.

The fork lightening I witnessed at lunch time today, appeared to rent the sky with an awful, fearful, splitting smile. There was no thunder announcing an impending storm, not at that stage, there was not even the heavy warmth that you usually experience before a storm.

A couple of hours later, distant rumbles of thunder could be heard. So far, they have come to nothing. It is most odd.

Yet along the coast, less than a mile from where I saw the lightening streak, there has been a heavy haar. The rain did not clear it. That is most odd too.

It seems that everywhere we attempted to go for a walk today, that was away from the town, the weather was determined to intervene.>:-[


0 thoughts on “I SAW THAT!

  1. Can be quite frightening when it comes without any warning at all…..Sounds as though you have some sot of ‘Electric Storm’ floating around! ❓ 🙂

  2. I do love thunder storms though prefer to watch them from the comfort of my home. I do remember once climbing Kinder Scout and saw the lightning strike close by at which I hared down the mountain as fast as my legs could carry me!

  3. The inside of a car can be a safe place to watch electric storms, saves you haring down hillsides, and if you do need to get out, a motor and 4 wheels would work pretty well, I think.

    What an experience you had!

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