There are always seats reserved for disabled people in our small local cinema, and correctly so. However, it is never known if they are going to be taken. The two screens are small. The seats for the disabled are in a row and position that I find comfortable for viewing on the few occasions per annum I go to the cinema.

Not all physical disabilities are visible. I find I have to have this conversation with the staff in the box office when I want to arrange to view a film. I am uncomfortable with this, as it always seems to me that most of the staff want to know the personal details of what the disability is.

Of course, if someone with a wheelchair needed the space that can be created by removing the removable seats, I would be the first person to support the priority given to that. They usually do call in advance to arrange for their viewing space, then, the seats are shown as reserved on the computer system. However, the box office do not know if the seats are required for wheelchair users for the showing time I want.

Now, having phoned to organise the seating situation, I am informed, that although I have a gift voucher ticket, I shall probably have to pay a booking fee for a seat in the row I have requested, (though not for one of the seats I would actually like to have). :no:

In the past, I have made a personal pre-show visit to set up my comforts. Telephoning does not seem to work very well, so I shall have to revert back to my old strategy. :**:



  1. It can be very difficult trying to organise something like this, I know. There ought to be some better system by now… it’s not rocket science, surely!

    Hope you enjoy your cinema trip Menhir! 🙂

  2. There’ll be a lot to be said for turning up to this film with your robes and a broomstick. I would then provide my own seat for the night, and wo betide anyone who thought of changing things, then. :>>

    It is very difficult and squirm making; these people have no right to pry the way they try to. In a small community like this one, just about all you do is known, probably, even down to what underwear you use each day!!!

  3. Hope you can get this sorted….a Shame to miss the film; if its the one that I think you want to see….talkig about broomsticks and robes…that is…;)

  4. No-one reserved the special seats, they remained empty and firmly in situ. In fact, the whole row was empty. I sat in one of my preferred seats, once I was sure no-one else was likely to turn up for the showing.

    Really, I do think the older staff make a drama when there doesn’t need to be one, for their own sake. Anyone who wants a clear space, reserves beforehand to give staff the time to take away the seats.

    In a larger screen theatre, I wouldn’t need to make the request. There would be ample space and distance from the screen itself.

    I did enjoy the film, thank you. 🙂

  5. I’m registered disabled but I deliberately park in non disabled spots to get my own back….well that’s my take on it. It’s normally the fattest and most obnoxious of people who abuse disabled facilities (oh, and the police)

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