Oh yes, it rained and rained. Then it stopped for a bit and then it rained again. It wasn’t an ordinary “heavy rain shower” or two like the weather forecasters described, it was curtains of constant waterfalls.

In town, by tea time today, many of the shops and cafés were sandbagged. There had already been a river running down the road and pavements, just like two weeks ago. As the shopkeepers were in their premises, they were able to get into action quickly and mop up before things got out of hand. With more waterfalls of the wet stuff expected tonight and overnight, there is some trepidation about how matters will stand in the morning. There will be plenty of sandbags in situ but will that be enough?



  1. A regular event is as bad as an irregular one. Presumably you can prepare for a regular one. Here, till recently, flooding has been a rarity and I am not sure that sandbags will continue to be sufficient protection.

    We live at the top of a hill; about three years ago, we were flooded!! We kept our sandbags around till the fibre of the bags rotted away. We trust that will be an unlikely re-occurrence for us.

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