Wookey Witchery

Tylluan, it is obvious that you did not apply for the 50K per annum job as witch at Wookey Hole. The interview required a cackler, and someone who sounds as if they could genuinely spook the visiting public. I am not sure if this is really what it is all about.

I haven’t researched the history of this hole, nor Wookey, so I am not in a position to comment on the appropriateness of the appointment. There is no doubt that the estate agent who got the job, will have no arguments about the appropriateness for her, especially with the money bag that goes with it. Perhaps, the public will pronounce in due course. I should imagine, it is a seasonal appointment. If not, someone is going to get really cold and shivery in the hole. The up side of that though, is that the designated witch will be so healthy, she’ll be able to ward of any hint of swine flu!


0 thoughts on “Wookey Witchery

  1. That would be a big cut in salary. :no:

    They couldn’t afford him.

    I like the inference. We could suggest some good runners up here – or should that be understudies?

  2. Good heavens! She’s retiring isn’t she. A complete change of path; a watershed even. It’s a nice pocket money number for AW. Would it be a good earner for Somerset and their Wookey Hole? Certainly one worthwhile understudy.

    Could Claire Short be in competition?

  3. I think any MP would be fair game… in fact, I think we should put them all in there, seal the door and start again… I’m becoming an anarchist in my old age… :))


    After all why shouldn’t a Witch be able to transform herself (and pocket) to suit her requirements?

  5. “Anarchist in old age” sounds like it. πŸ˜‰

    Sealing the cave would defeat the purpose of the exercise. The idea is to generate some wealth into the area. That is a novel idea, in that it doesn’t generate funds into personal accounts and pockets, just a pro-rata grand sounding salary, that really won’t amount to much over the year! The cave work is seasonal and for specific days like Hallow’een. The structure of the role, coming to think of it, isn’t a million miles away from what we see in the Chamber of the House of Commons, also for public consumption, is it. :>>

  6. How wonderful. How stalagmites have been elevated πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    This idea should have been taken up years ago in Yorkshire, probably a bit differently. Their Mother Shipton is a super character and the cave nearby does have a most interesting history.

  7. At a slight tangent, I had a friend who was employed as a monk at the old London Dungeon. Apparently, the job entailed, standing still for most of the day and then very occasionally reaching out and grabbing( or MONKING someone)!
    Not sure you could get away with that anymore ….

  8. I am pretty sure ‘monking’ is banned, outside monasteries. I cannot vouch for the daily grind within the hallowed walls.

    Your friend must have been glad of the change of moment, but……….

  9. I’m not planning to expose my charms to the public at large. I’m keeping my talents under wraps. In this case, I shall be the retiring kind. :))

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