Are you sure you really don’t want to hear about our special offers? We cannot tell you about new and great products if you opt out of our information service.

This was the message in a letter received, after hubby had requested his bank to take him off their advertising mailing system, otherwise known as snail mail spam. It’s breathtakingly cheeky.

The bank manager said it took some time for the system to initiate the ‘no mailings’ request. Hubby told him to read the correspondence….oh, um, yes, I see . The letter, more’s the pity, was left in the manager’s [capable?] hands.



0 thoughts on “NO SPAM BEGETS SPAM

  1. This is a ‘changed’ bank. That’s why the rubbish is being filtered out. Perhaps, if the request had been instituted when the account was opened, this gross stupidity would not have occurred. (Maybe I am being too generous here, suggesting there is some intelligence in the depth of the institution).

    Choices that meet ones personal criteria these days, are few and far between, and even more limited when there isn’t the range of established named banks you may have on your doorstep to choose from.

  2. This wasn’t email TM, this was snail mail post, a letter received.

    I wouldn’t dream of responding to email bank phishing, troughing or selling. However, the correspondence we had, was in a totally different league.

    Agreed, it was very annoying.

  3. Positive it came from the bank. The branch manager had no words to express anything when he read the contents.

    All banks and credit card companies send out their loans on offer, not that they are giving any just now, to my knowledge; their special offers on their cards to encourage you to increase personal debt.

    I believe what happened here was that the request for no commercial advertising mail to come in our direction was not set up when the account was. But to ask us if we really do wish to press the ‘delete’ button once we have requested it, is another spam life form. It is very surprising business behaviour.

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