The best way to reduce youth interest in social networking sites is for the 17 years-25 years age groups (and older, in that case) to join in. This is, according to survey results announced today, what has happened on BeBo, MySpace and probably others.

It is reminiscent of the revival of denims and other fashion jeans. Those of the senior generations who had already been there, raked through their historical wardrobes and strutted their stuff in denims again. I still do. I can hear it now: “Yeah man, who would be seen wearing ‘wrinklies’ clothes? It ain’t cool”.

I am wondering whether there is a wee bit of hijacking of blog sites, such as this one, where there appear to be distinct signs of twittering going on, rather than familiar blog posts. Has anyone else noticed?



  1. Yes this was picked up by the BBC news…they reported a distinct fall in the numbers using Twitter…..

    I haven’t joined Twitter and have no inention….MySpace I did, but those people are now on e-mail rather than a Public Place.

    I ‘think’ I have a Facebook account…..but that is really the place for 6 year olds..join this group of Pirate, join this group of I love doughnuts and you are supposed to get as many members…..frankly a waste of cyber space and all the to and fro jams up and slows down the web….Oh and the INBOX gets jammed up with just so many notifications of who posted on who’s wall…..

    Admittedly, I have of late I suppose been ‘Twittering’ regards my daughter, but, I also feel that I do make some constructive posts.

    BTW…….I have a good few items in my wardrobe over 25 years old.. :yes:

  2. If it is a plan, I am not much impressed… in fact I am p’eed off with much of it. It’s a sure way to remove bloggers from posting blogs on sites. Unless of course, the bloggers decide to assert themselves.


  3. Do you mean you have been twittering on the blog site in the limited letter and word limits of Twitter, or you have been twittering in the original meaning of the word?

    Facebook keeps me in occasional contact with people I would not otherwise have contact with. They don’t belong to the highest doughnut mountain site brigade, I am delighted to say.

    …And yes, like you, I have items in my wardrobe that have come around in fashion again, and that I can still wear, with aplomb.

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