We are a bereaved family now in the rush towards the final rituals, and then, I suppose, the next stage will be in the limbo land of grief.

Around us, there are signs of new life, this year’s young birds. The frenzy to feed young with the provision of peanuts and seeds has reduced. The birds have become more independent of their mums and they have learned to feed on what nature provides. There is the grass that constantly renews itself in the warm and wet growing period. The young lambs are now three quarters grown. In their place there are many new calves learning to stand, awkward and gangly with their legs crossed; others are just taking their first tentative steps.

Taking time to observe, I see many new babies; their mums and dads looking so fresh and young. Their older siblings either taking a pride in their new family member, or showing complete disinterest. There are generations of children to grow; there are those who are now new young adults; there are the young adults who are now the generation of active parents aunts and uncles. Meantime, we move up the ladder to become, grandparents, maiden aunts/great aunts, bachelor uncles/great uncles, even our cousin-ship lines start to change, to distance. The extended family stretches out in many directions, some eventually lost in their time. The circle of time continues to move round.


0 thoughts on “GOING IN CIRCLES

  1. Hello Isadora,

    How are you? Thanks for calling in, it is appreciated very much.

    With the tenuous hold on life there is, it does remain a mystery.


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