Two things:

First I downloaded a free undelete programme, one which appears to be honourable.

The only thing was, that one of the two pictures I wanted to retrieve saved up in an unknown format. I cannot think why. They were taken with the same camera and deleted by me on the same viewing session.

(Walrus thanks for your original help in such matters, hope you are doing okay).

I have received as an attachment, some monochrome pictures in Word format. They were obviously imported into Word so that more than one picture could be sent at anyone time, and so that text labelling could be added under each picture.

a) Does anyone know if there any way of converting the pictures I received into proper Jpegs? I cannot bring up this option in ‘Save As’.

b) If it is not an option, what else may be possible with the attachment I have, so that I can import them into my digital imaging programme?

This might be a tall order, or totally impossible. 8|



  1. There is a small FREE programme called Irfan View which you should download. It is an image viewer basically and supports lots of formats but is quite powerful and very flexible and easy to use. You can make it your default viewer and even make it a thumbnail file viewer, convert batches of images into manageable sizes and make slideshows. The Save As gives you, like I said, lots of format options such as JPG|JPEG|JPE|GIF|BMP|DIB|TIF|TIFF|PNG|PCX|TGA|PCD|SUN|RAS|ICO|AVI|IFF|PPM|PGM|PBM|LBM|WMF|EMF|WAV|PSD|MPG|MPE|MPEG|MID|RMI|MOV|CUR|ANI|DCX|EPS|CLP|LWF|LDF|CAM|G3|AIF|AU|SND|PSP|PSPIMAGE|ICL|SFW|KDC|RA|MP3|DCM|ACR|FPX|XBM|XPM|DJVU|SWF|FLV|IMG|IW44|WBMP|SGI|RGB|RLE|MED|RLE|SFF|NLM|NOL|NGG|GSM|JP2|JPC|J2K|JPF|FSH|CRW|B3D|WMA|WMV|TTF|SID|MNG|JNG|RAW|ECW|ASF|TXT|WAD|ICS|IDS|CDR|CMX|NEF|ERF|ORF|RAF|MRW|DCR|X3F|SRF|ARW|PEF|OGG|DWG|DXF|DDS|JPM|PLT|CR2|DNG|PS|PDF|CGM|SVG|HDR|FITS|HDP|WDP|
    It struggles with dvd formats such as vob. files etc.
    If you right click on a word image it usually gives you the option of saving as a .bmp image so as you can see in the list, you can save it as .bmp then save it again using Irfan View as a .jpg or .png file.

  2. Sorry it chopped some off, this is the full list Irfan View supports.

  3. Try again last attempt:

  4. This is very interesting. Thank you.

    So, is the instruction that I should save the Word file first as a bitmap (.bmp) in order to obtain the Jpeg option?

    what is a .png (sounds like a stretched elastic)!

  5. I seem to have a long list of other formats in the email, so I think they have all come through to me. I will keep the emails till I have sorted out the download and the task. Thank you for your efforts. Much appreciated.

  6. If you right click and that is the only option to Save As, then yes.
    The thing about Irfan View is, you can press PrtSc (print screen but make sure your networked printer is turned off if you have one…..) then open Irfan View and click on paste (Ctrl-v), then you can resize it, sharpen it, all sorts of things, then save it as whatever format you want. jpg being the best compression if you don’t want to make it bigger again.
    I really recommend Irfan View

  7. No, Picasa runs how you want it to run.
    If you want to use Irfan View as your default image viewer then right click on an image, click on Open With then click on Default and then choose Irfan View. If you want to view all your images on your pc, Picasa is better as it seeks and shows everything automatically whereas with IView Thumbnails you need to tell it which file to interrogate. Hope that helps.

  8. Hi,

    I’ve downloaded I.V however, I cannot see how I can work the miracle. Printing the screen only takes parts of the pictures which show on the screen, not the whole A4 page of each word document.

    I’ve done a browse in I.V. and given the name of the actual file and reached a dead end.

    Without stepped instructions on how to take the pix out of word format, I don’t think I shall succeed.

    Nice little programme for which I can see uses. I just wish I could work it for the current one.


  9. Tried a batch rename taking the precaution of creating another file outside the original folder. I.V. cannot read the headers, it finds the file an unknown format.

  10. I think you will have to right click, save the image as a bmp then reopen it in IV then save it as a jpg.
    To see all the files in a folder click on file then thumbnails or T then locate the folder your images are in and it will display them all. You can determine the thumbnail size yourself

  11. Sadly. I don’t seem to have the .bmp option in Word. I will play with re-sizing the pix, which is possible, try screen dump again, not sure what into, perhaps the clipboard, and see whether that opens up any options. IV just couldn’t identify ‘the heading’.

    I don’t want to lose the original files, so I have created a copy to play about with. Some text files I scanned onto my hard disk and saved as jpegs, were taken over by IV when I placed the cursor on them. I didn’t mind that as those files were due to be deleted off the system anyway. I am not sure about a ‘takeover’ for all my other stuff. I would just like to do the ‘impossible’ with the Word files I received.

    I’ll see how it goes and keep you updated. Many thanks.

  12. Hi,

    I emailed this query to Irfan Skiljan who kindly replied. While he agrees that the format would have to be changed, he says it is best to zoom the subjects first and then give it a go. They are large enough really. Mr Skiljan also advised to save in a winword format (I’ll have to see if that is possible) send to the clipboard, from there paste into IrfanView.

    These ideas are not dissimilar to your suggestions.


  13. I hope you manage to fathom it. IViuew is a free program, Irfan started it as a uni project in Vienna and he refines it on a regular basis. Some of the effects in the new version are excellent and there are plug ins you can add as well. It is compatible with almost every other program.

  14. Yes, I did get direct help from a kind person who returned the pix to me as Jpegs and told me how it was done. I tried it his way, and found I could do the same thing, though his results are better than mine. That is probably down to more experience and understanding of digital imaging than I have, understanding good old fashioned photographic techniques and using different software to mine.

    Thanks very much for all your tips. I did download IV and will keep it on my system to see how it works with some other things, like putting together CD’s of pix and DVD’s.

    Was it you who uses glary tools, if so, can you tell me anything about them?

  15. I will definitely take copies of anything I do before using IV. I did see how batch conversion ‘took over’ two files I had scanned into my system. Fortunately, they were due to be disposed of, so no loss or problem. just an interesting experiment in the end.


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