“What were you trying to print?” asked the real-time texting I.T. technician. I realised that my original quest for help and details about how I had got to that desperation point had not been read. This was after I had waited ten minutes for a technician to ‘show up’, had been through switch on and off checks, printer management trials and had printed a test page. All these things I’d done, and more, before I had sought help. ”

There’s no communication problem to the machine, then”
“I think there is” and I explained again what my technical problem was.

Oh dear, is the written word so difficult to take on board, after all, real time chat suggests that both parties can write/type to be understood. Or do I hope for too much?

“I’ll send you an email with other options specific to your difficulty” – coded language for, ‘this is too difficult to deal with you’re on your own’.

Of course, I can call again if nothing works. There are instructions for re-spooling; then eliminating possible conflicts like you do for allergies.

What fun (Not!)


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