There was an article in a broadsheet newspaper, on a U.K. public figure being shown as gardening vegetables in harsh climates. It was accompanied by large headlines and big pictures.

I looked at the depicted leaves and branches; question marks flashed into my thoughts, something wasn’t quite as it should be.

What leaves are those?”…….

Gooseberry bush leaves“.




  1. The facts aren’t any different. I’m off to read the article shortly as I have met the guy who features in it. He’s okay, it’s the stupidity of the headline in conjunction with the pictures that is so absurdly ignorant, and in bold typeface too!

  2. Study of picture today, with a friend, produced the same response as mine. It is just too ridiculous. The gardening vegetables in harsh climates bold heading is accompanied by a double page spread picture showing the head of the public figure surrounded by a fruiting,a highly fecund, gooseberry bush, he wielding secateurs, posing for a cut just below a healthy fruitful stalk.

    One can only surmise about what the editor and reporter knew about fruit and veg

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