I don’t think I am dithery when it comes to computer technology; I am certainly not ‘machine-averse’.  I spent a good part of the last decade educating myself on computer software use and the technology.  Developments  move so fast, a bit like what is under the bonnet of a car, that I am beginning to think that I am lagging behind.

Keystrokes; I am not too bad at those.  They seem to be  much as such whichever platform you are working with. I can underscore, open boxes that give me what I want, and close things down when I have done!

I have bought a basic html book, with that I have mastered a few of the basics.  I can create emphases, emoticons, where a system allows it.  It is clear though,  I do not have a enough knowledge, especially when it comes to subscribing to feeds, creating delicious looking outlines to blogs and adding what I do to various public fora.  Cut and paste from my address bar does not appear to ‘cut the mustard’ to coin a phrase.

Much as I like communicating, I think I am stumped in this linguistic jungle.



  1. I suggest the next thing is to master links. Actually they are easy! Here for example is a link.

    Here it is again, but I have put [ instead of the required – just so that you can see the underlying html.

    [a href=””]Here for example is a link.[/a]

    In order to create your own link, take the above, replace [ by .

    Then replace the address between the quotes by the address you want; not forgetting that it must start with http://

    Then replace ‘Here for example is a link’ by your own text.

    Then paste it in to your blog post or comment.

    Hope this works for you!

  2. Sadly, the above managed to omit the all-important symbols that mean so much to html. The left-hand pointy thing that sits above comma on keyboard and the right-hand pointy thing that sits above the full stop are to be used instead of [ and ] respectively in the above example.

    Hope this has not complicated things further.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for the lesson, I know what you mean by pointy brackets. I am trying out wordpress site to see how it works in comparison to blogspot. They are both very computer linquistically based. I think that the programming for replies on blogspot is more refined in that you don’t lose the html that you are trying to use to explain things. That said, I have tried subscribing to wikio for example, the first page finds my blog, accepts all, gives me lots of html in another box, then when it comes to subscription page, I am stumped.

      I will study what you stay.

      Thanks Vincent.

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