“Where did you get the letter, do you have the envelope?”

Three years ago, I roved through my data CD’s and turned up a letter that had been emailed to me a couple of years earlier. The letter had been sent from ‘Flossie’ C and addressed to someone in Washington D.C. in the early 1930’s. A close cousin of mine was working on our complicated family genealogy, and had obtained all sorts of items including this correspondence, (from who knows where). Did anyone in the family group know of this Flossie, he asked? As I did not know anyone this might fit at the time, I filed the letter away. Meantime, the family research was completed, printed up and placed on various bookshelves around the world.

As I studied this letter again, here at home in Scotland, a thought germinated. I sent a copy of it, attached to an email, to a 90 year old distant cousin, who at the time, was in Florida. Her response excited me. …”No” I told her, “there’s no envelope and I don’t have the original letter this was copied from” and I explained in what circumstances I had received it. I waited a couple of days.

“This is just too amazing, my older sister wrote this letter”. She was and still is affectionately known as Flossie. … “Flossie was waiting for security clearance to start a Government job in Washington D.C. Meantime, she got a relief job in a pharmacy, covering while staff had lunch breaks and whenever she was required. The letter was written to a family friend, telling him where she was and what she was doing”.

Flossie, being the author of this letter was over the moon at seeing it again, it brought back many memories. Unfortunately, I have never been able to assuage her curiosity as to how this correspondence reappeared in the manner it did.


0 thoughts on “FINDING FLOSSIE

  1. Indeed, it is very interesting and highly curious. It was Flossie’s younger sister I had my main contact with, she has since died. She was a great email correspondent. Flossie was obviously a good letter correspondent in her day.

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