It has taken over a year and a half to get to the glass shop to get a new one for a special photo frame. It displayed one of our wedding photos. The frame should be complete with glass, (non-reflective this time) very soon. However, the photo has not stood the test of time nor the rigours of a display space where there are a number of windows and lots of light.

When I examined the photograph, I noticed some degradation of background,not noticeable when covered by reflective glass. I also noticed that the photographer’s tan coloured leather bag was very visibly part of the scenery. I wonder why I had not observed the bag before. There was too much of it to be covered by the mount and picture frame. Funny what you miss when you are looking through metaphorical rose-tints.

This is where digital image programmes come into their own, when rescuing photos, old and not so old, monochrome and colour. I worked on the picture last night. My main difficulty was bringing up the correct shade of the groom’s suit. Photographers, those who have knowledge of studio work, a science all of its own, would be in their element with something like that.

Suffice to say, that after an opinion or two from the ‘groom’, “It’s all a merciful blank” he incautiously proclaimed, I messed about a bit more with the digital imaging, and was eventually satisfied with the results. An original copy photo is saved for posterity, with warts and all, so are a couple of titivated copies.



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