Hubby is top chef in the kitchen. The laptop is being healed elsewhere and I am left free to sort out the P.C. glitches. With the wonderful aroma that is wafting down the corridor, temptation is likely cause me to delightfully forget all about computers and what makes them quirk.

Oh dear me, pulling off the spyware programme affected access to my internet browser. I had no choice but to use Internet Explorer. A friendly message thanked me for using I.E. 8. “No I’m not !” Cancel that bit of devious dumping.   My browser, when it appeared, seemed healthy, and configured as I had it, so that’s okay.

Now, back to re-installing the anti-spyware stuff.   I like to have two of them on my system, because when I scan – regularly – what one doesn’t pick up on, the other one does.

I guess there’s got to be a better way of removing a live activity from the task bar, but I couldn’t find it, other than by un-installing.


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