There’s been flooding on a great scale here abouts. The rain came in sometime Wednesday night, eventually, trickling down by elevenses this morning …Friday. The river speed makes me dizzy to watch it, it is swollen and is, fortunately, subsiding.

Farm houses are surrounded by a lake where previously there had been a field. Sheep in other pastures skirt around rivers to get to sodden grass edges. Low lying roads are barely passable.

A dry spell would be valuable, just a day or so, to allow the lying waters to drain. Whether the rivers in both main towns will calm down that quickly is debatable, they have already burst their banks. The amount of water spilled from them will take a lot of ‘mopping up’.


0 thoughts on “MOPPING UP FLOODS

  1. I heard there had been some bad flooding….fortunately we have not had it here so far this year.

    Think the weather will improve the next few days and back to more rain next weekend. :no:
    P xx

  2. Things have changed in the last three years, noticeably so. Late August and September were always pretty settled and pleasant months…not sure now. It’s mild though.

  3. Everywhere is rather wet; there’s a dampness hanging around. I haven’t reconnoitred the fields for a day or so, but I do hope the farmhouses that were totally marooned in rain-sodden lakes are back on terra firma.

  4. Glad it is mild……I got up this morning shivvering…
    I did that yesterday and checked the digital central heating thermometer in the hall….it showed 20.5C so guess it is me?

    Today…freezing…check the thermometer and it shows 17.0C

    Can’t believe I had to chuck the heating on for an hour to warm the place. :no:
    P x

  5. We’ve switched on the heating to dry out the feeling of damp, though the house is not. It is in the air. Our temperatures would be lower than yours in the ‘sunny’ suburbs of London, so I am used to being cooler and finding it mild.

    I think I would baulk at sitting and reading, or some-such with temperatures under 20.deg.

  6. I am not sure that you would survive in quite the way you suggest, where I live.

    We say we have thicker blood, which is why we handle levels of cold differently to soft Southerners. Conversely, most of us thicker blooded individuals don’t respond well with the warmth levels that can be reached in the warmer/hotter climes.

    Personally, I love warmth, and apart from high humidity, and, in the underground, I make the most of it.

  7. Me???? I love cold…..I love HOT!!!!

    Just seems of these last few weeks these poor old bones suffering…think is not eating properly with the wierd hours I been keeping with Becci although I do cook.

    Stir fry sounds good for today….as not much else in the fridge and freezer till I go shops.
    P xxx

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