I think the cats are confused, one more so than the other. We’ve just got back from using a friend’s cottage and their two pet cats were in residence instead of where they are usually at. One looked as if she was pining – the mum – the other bigger one, her daughter, was constantly out killing things at night to bring us back gifts to put on our bed during the night.

Do you fancy having a half dead dragon fly or the heart of a rabbit, or maybe it was the stomach, laid on your pillow while you sleep? We saw the cat jump into the bathroom sink to lick the water. There was fresh water laid out by the the cats food bowls; there was one bowl of food and one bowl of water for each one.

Sure these pets are confused, the cottage guests work by different rules to those they have got used to. They hadn’t got the run of the whole of the house nor the kitchen work surfaces, that was definitely OUT. We had bathroom and bedroom doors closed at night and during the day. Their food was regularly given and their water bowls refreshed. The cat flap was used readily by the hunter/killer, and only when the door was open and the weather was okay, her mum sauntered out to explore.



  1. Hi, thanks for calling in.

    Cats sure do have their routines Gilraen. You and I know this, chaos is not in a cat’s armoury and will usually mean some reaction from this interesting species.

  2. Indeed I did say they were in residence at the cottage. The trouble is, they were just a bit too resident.

    They are residing in their usual haunt from this weekend with habitual limitations,(though not many)and regular arrangements.

  3. You were very welcoming. Was it a sugar mouse?

    Whichever kind of mouse it was, it would be bigger than a couple of hearts (or was it stomach’s) of a small animal.

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