Spent most of today sorting out possibilities for a wee holiday. By the time I’ve done, I will be too weary to reserve anything. Putting together our own package is more effort than I realised, and that’s with using the guidance of tour operators. It is time to rest my weary eyes and head, put all that internet researching out of my mind, then go and visit the Sandman.

Chasing after an accidentally deleted email this evening, I found another one I had put in the ‘bin’ two weeks’ ago that definitely should not have been binned. I can’t think how it happened. I hastily replied to it.


0 thoughts on “HOW DID IT HAPPEN?

  1. Yeh menhir I am usually totally exhausted after packing for a holiday what to pack etc!! did I remember everything needed it would be lovely not to pack and just head off :)x

  2. Oh heavens, don’t remind me, once this reservations malarkey has been dealt with, sorting out what to pack will be the next headache. I am not even going to think about that at this point.

  3. I don’t like the amount of stuff in my inbox that is there. I reckon a dozen items is sensible and manageable, but somehow after years of keeping to this rule, it has crept up to rather large double figures. Triple figures freak me out. I am determined to get the numbers down, but not to the extent of binning stuff I want! Oh dear, that was not good.

  4. You are right. The problem has been that some emails cannot be ditched, others I don’t want to ditch, so I file them. The filing has got behind schedule. Now that the heavy load of admin of recent years has calmed down, I can start putting things into order….I hope.


  5. My tip is to keep it simple, have one file for things you need to keep, reply to the rest then delete. I never saw the point of having millions of files, when you can just apply a search to them for the one you want!

  6. My system is different to yours I should think, and also the items I would save have a reason and do require their files.

    I don’t use gmail for everything, I would not archive personal stuff there. It was a gmail email that got binned, and if I hadn’t been retrieving one I knew had arrived and been accidentally discarded, I would not have realised the other one was there. It was pure serendipity, I spotted it.

    Anything I don’t need to keep does get deleted. There’s has been a build up unfortunately. I’ll get it sorted. I don’t like it.

    Hubby has millions of the things which he decided to tidy up. I despair.

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