The esteemed BBC TV has been openly accused of being ageist on a number of occasions. This policy, which is what it appears to be, plays one way, and that is to remove any woman who shows signs of a wrinkle, naturally changed hair colour, or the merest sag in the jaw line. There are any number of men over a certain age, which seems to be arbitrarily about 50 years old. Why is this? Do men wear any differently; is their screen image enhanced by growing into old age any differently from women?

If women can no longer be publicly presented as sugar babes, dolly birds and sex objects that support the ratings, (this includes news-readers), women get unceremoniously ‘dumped’. There was public protest at the disappearance of some well-liked personalities. We, the public, who pay license fees, and have a fair sprinkling of over 50’s amongst us, did not want them to disappear, but the arrogant organisation, decided it knew better. The clearance of the older female from public view, continued.

Recent resistance by some attractive and mature television presenters has highlighted the apparently sexist nature of the BBC’s employment policy. The outome is, that one very well known mature lady is now advising in the background as to how this gender fissure should be repaired. The first step is to advertise that the BBC are seeking a mature lady presenter. As a number of ladies who were really good at their jobs have been sidelined in recent years, there shouldn’t be a major problem finding the talent. The big problem, as I see it, is enticing any of them to return to perform the figurehead role.

It would be interesting to see, where the BBC is pressured to lead, if tomorrow, Hollywood will follow!



  1. I think it is a disgrace that a large ‘representative’ organisation have put themselves into this misogynistic mess. It needs sorting out and not just with one token woman either.

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