The sales and auction site Ebay had a rather unusual item uploaded for auction on its British site; someone’s grandmother. Granny was described amongst other things, as…… can be difficult to get on with, but not bad looking,

It is no surprise however, to hear that the listing was removed by Ebay. When asked for a comment, the Ebay representative stated that they do not auction or sell people.


0 thoughts on “SALE OF THE CENTURY

  1. Yep, the mind boggles. The news reader did give an age for the ‘imaginative’ sales person. It puts another slant on teenage angst, that’s for sure.

    We haven’t been told about granny’s reaction to being put up for sale. :>>

  2. We don’t know if it was meant in jest that was not signified. But yes, poor granny.

    Anything can be uploaded on a site, it is manual intervention – whenever that occurs – that deals with disallowed items.

  3. I think I read somewhere today that said Gran was up for disposal because she had asked grand-daughter to make a cup of tea. Perhaps I had better qualify that by adding ‘allegedly’. Sounds a bit extreme, even by sullen (pre-)teenage standards, don’t you think ?

  4. A cup of tea ‘allegedly’ generated the attempted sale of granny. That’s really beyond any suitable adjective I can think of. The whole thing is bizarre. I really do hope this teenager is being assisted to think over the consequences of her actions. She’s lucky she hasn’t been nationally named and shamed.

    A bit of good retributive justice would go a long way in such a situation and nip such odd behaviour in the bud.

    Couldn’t agree more CITF!

  5. Gran and 10 year old granddaughter were on our local news the other day. They seem to have a good relationship althought the rather coy little girl did say gran nagged her a lot ‘to do this and that’ especially making lots of cups of tea.
    Grand-daughter warned gran that she would sell her on ebay if she didn’t stop moaning and gran initially went along with it as she didn’t really know what ebay was!
    I think they were a little overwhelmed by the media attention.

  6. Hi Isadora,

    This is the softening touch in the story, it seems. I still have my doubts about the actions. The thinking is like something out of The Mayor of Casterbridge who sells his wife. He later reaps the consequence of his actions, and so do innocent others.

    I hope the media attention doesn’t spawn a spate of similar attempts and give the girl inappropriate encouragement to attempt other ‘strange’ ventures.

    On the other hand, I sincerely hope someone will give a helping hand with gran’s needs. There is obviously something brewing apart from cups of tea!

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