Aaaah! I am so very sick of the party political conference season. They occur every year in England for this that or the other party. Now, in addition, I have to survive the annual conferences for the Scottish and the Welsh politicos. Strange to say, I am not aware of anything quite so similar for Northern Ireland, but then that corner of the United Kingdom is always bubbling with some political foray or other.

Anyway, to get back to the ever so tedious situation we are currently and hopefully coming to the end of for a week or two. These blasted conferences are for the media, and what expensive circuses they prove to be. Rarely, if ever, are the politicians talking to the people, to the nation they are supposed to be serving. These gatherings are blatantly self-serving jamborees.

The speeches at the conferences, the sideshows, are all designed for the media, to make most impact, not necessarily the best one. The individuals all vie for biggest headlines. The latest fad, is to create the most stark promises and offer the deepest doom and gloom. There is a putsch to develop a national siege psychology; there are scare tactics, running through every thread of thought uttered, and each party is trying to outdo the other in the art.

I, for one, am not looking for false happiness, nor am I wanting a ruddy great slough of political despond. Current day politics and many of the politicians we have, of all shades, I might add, are very flawed. They are depressing enough in their own right. I just want a space, a peaceful one, where I can regenerate my energies to motivate myself to ordinary every day life before the next round of political fisticuffs start with the General Election Campaign, which draws ever nearer…….help!



  1. Enforced emotional isolation does help…I cut myself off from the argy-bargy….political speeches of whatever shade are treated with disdain….:):):):):)x

  2. I switch off, it is too much hectoring. They are all game-playing to their maximum. It is wearisome.

    My only delight came today on a news summary when a shadow spokesperson was asked his view on a possible high profile new advisor being appointed. He immediately went into a tirade of the dubiety of such appointments and how the other party used them for political effect. The trouble was, he was talking down an appointment that would be made by his own esteemed leader of the opposition, if he came into power. Ooops. 🙄

  3. The feet are in the same boat as well, though that ought to be okay if the boat floated. I think those feet were in mouth and well tripped over. :))

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