An automated gizmo called ‘links within’ refers people to other articles they might wish to read, rather like the ‘more interesting posts’ feature on blog.

You can understand my bemusement after I had written up a description of a screwed up family to see that there were three photographs of links referring readers to further reading, as follows:

“You might also like”

A flood in full flow, depicting a drowning flower head;
A bleak coastal scene; or
A pawing bull amongst a herd of cows.

This is worthy of analysis.

8| 🙄


0 thoughts on “YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE….

  1. It’s the same on WordPress where you get ‘Possibly related posts(automatically generated) which rarely ever are even remotely related! Thankfully that function can be switched off, which not surprisingly I’ve done! xx

  2. Hello Mr F.

    It reminds me of the automated word search that you get with Google ads. They can be hilarious, nonsensical, or as you say a waste of time.

    There have been a couple of occasions on WordPress where I was linked to sensible options, though the articles themselves may not have been well written. I haven’t bothered much with it, in that forum. But then, I haven’t done a lot of posting in that forum either. 🙂


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