Small apples are often better the bigger apple of their type for juiciness and flavour, the Cox apple which we only see for a very short time, being an example of this. The packs of little apples on the shop shelf – sadly not Cox’s – looked like a good alternative to the non-existent Cox. I would need two bags because of the size of the apples. I checked the price, thought they would be okay, and then thought again. I wondered what the total weight of the purchase would be, so, went in search of weighing scales and weighed the pack.

Twenty per cent difference…never! I studied the pre-wrapped wee apples, about six of them in the bag, that were now sitting on the scales. I weighed them again, just in case I had misread the dial. The fruits really were perfectly formed, they were also very small. Each bag was a fixed price of £1.35p.

Just below the pre-packed apples, on another shelf, the same apple was sold loose. These were larger pieces of fruit priced at £1.37p per kilo. The pre-packed bag of small apples weighed 800grms. The loose apples I could weigh up to the kilo,and obtain the weight value.

There is so much shopping psychology at play today, which to a large extent relies on people who do not take the time to make comparisons.


0 thoughts on “COMPARING IS WORTH IT.

  1. Hi Menhir!

    You’ll not be surprised to hear ..

    That I never ever make comparisons.

    Shopping’s a chore requiring speed.

    At least it is where I’m concerned.

    Adam … x 🙂

  2. If we made time for shopping we really could save ourselves alot of money menhir because of the credit crunch I tend to take a lot more notice of the cost of things

  3. What a surprise……not, not that you shop at speed, but that you have paid me a most welcome visit.

    Your future shopping may become much more specialised and have a different price tag, except for fresh veg and fruit. As things are, if the pennies have to be stretched then they have to be saved.

    Cheers 🙂 x

  4. I’ll say. I usually do take a little time shopping, except where there is no choice, therefore no comparison to be made. It’s the sophistication of the study of shopping behaviours that is wrapped up in these pricing methods which gives food for thought. (No pun intended, just the best way to express my thoughts).

    How are you Tylluan?


  5. There’s much to commend what you say. Time is always the factor. My guess is more people will make time and will trail a little further afield, if they can, to find keener prices.

  6. Agreed…learning the tricks of the trades also makes the same sense and that is not so easy to do.

    You know, LLLC, because I could not find the weight of the goods detailed on the pack I decided to check it out. I wonder if I would have done that if in a rush, or if looking after the kids at the same time as shopping.

    Kids size fruits are still stuck in our psyche, for lunch boxes and the like, the fruits I saw, were ideal for that, but more expensive to buy on weight value. This of course, leads to another underlying trick of the trade, doesn’t it. Parents, who do, will buy a small size of something for their kids, therefore, they pay more in this wrapper.

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