I’ve been thinking about the parents in America who acted out accidentally sending their youngest son off in un-piloted flight in a silver saucer-shaped air balloon.

The child had been ‘hiding’ in the house loft for several hours while the charade was being acted out, while it was filmed and the alarm being raised with the emergency authorities, including the police. The happy families game was then paraded before the media cameras with the youngest child evidently miserable, sitting on the lap of one of his parents, saying he wanted to go that he wanted to vomit.

The parents, who are trained actors, have set stunts before to publicize themselves, though, I believe the stunts were not quite at the level of this one. Following investigation, these hedonistic adults have admitted wasting everyone’s time and are now being charged with offences.

What I have not heard, is anything said about the psychological cruelty that has been inflicted on to the youngest child, the poor parenting that has been demonstrated by these morally deficient individuals. I believe this family are worthy of closer examination by the child welfare organisations in America. I hope that not hearing anything about it, does not mean this aspect of the parents’ performance has been neglected by the public child protection agencies.


0 thoughts on “HEY-WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS?

  1. Have you heard anything to benefit the children? With parents like those, who have absolutely no sense of consequences, apparently irresponsible care style for their kids, there is a lot to think about.

  2. I agree. They behaved shamefully, without any regard to the consequences of their actions to the rescue services and most importantly their own children. They are beyond contempt to do such things for such a shallow end.

  3. The cult of wanting to be famous is one of the most detrimental things for society. Manners, honesty, self-respect and family dues all seem to be increasingly sacrificed to it.

  4. The adults are certainly playing dubious games, it’s their influence on the kids that take my primary concern. Let’s face it, no kids, no panic situation; what a way to use children in a so-called educated and dare I say it, civilised society.

  5. Absolutely, and in a so-called educated and civilised society. But then, if it wasn’t, could such repugnant manipulation of children and misuse of services have ocurred?

  6. I agree.

    Idolatory of the ego and the id. Hedonism, no moral compass or sense of responsibility. What shallow and detrimental modelling for growing children.

  7. I thought you would be familiar with him menhir…..a famous psychologist who emphasised the influence that adults have on the cognitive development of children. I’m sure if you think about it you’ll remember….

  8. Nope,I am familiar with the Freuds, various child psychologists whose books I still have on my shelves, but not that one. He must be part of the broadening out of studies. No bad thing.

    All the the psychologists have emphasised the familial influences on child development from a variety of perspectives, some theories seem more realistic than others. They all have to be considered in a qualitative environment which the the worker is immersed in, none should be used in isolation of good critical practice.

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