There seems to be a shower of cameras scrolling the listings of blog. I am sure I previously saw two or three ‘blogs’ for a different make to the ones I saw tonight.

Talk about selling opportunities, if that’s what these “reviews” are. It seems the perpetrators of the information just cannot use the usual marketing sites. At least though, the snippets of information appear to be written in our universal tongue, rather than gobbledygook. I would prefer it, if blog sites were spam free. That is, of course, like seeking Utopia…a dream!


0 thoughts on “WHERE IS UTOPIA?

  1. Funny, just after your post was this load of rubbish below. I doubt the type of people using these products will be bothered about a blog, FaceMuck maybe.

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  2. I would expect the administrators to remove such blogs. Surely anyone who wants to advertise should pay to have proper representation on the site and we should have the freedom to go ‘pro’ and not have to see them if we so wish.

    Using a blog to advertise seems against the code in my humble opinion. Personally, if I want to buy a camera or whatever, I don’t go looking on blog sites, do you?

    Administrators! Do you stuff please!

  3. Nope I don’t look on blog sites for any goods of interest to me. These advertisers/sellers are setting up blogs to look like blogs. How you pick them out from anyone else setting up, is nigh impossible. The complaints to blog could be endless. that’s what these people rely on.

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