Christmas will soon be upon us!

I have posted two packages today, thought it was safer to do so now that the postal system is fully back to normal, (whatever that is). I have more to do yet, and I have every intention of keeping them as light as possible, to keep post costs very much down.

One child’s gift was resolved today. Rather than put the present away, I got on with wrapping the two items, which are snugly sitting in a “Ho.Ho.” Santa designed carrier bag (recycled from last year).

The trouble is, if I post the UK gifts too early, I know for sure that some of them will be opened just that bit too soon. It means therefore, I can’t make space just yet, I shall have to hold on to the items. They’ll definitely go about the end of this month – November.

I still have a few items to find. I have absolutely no idea what to do about them; I hope inspiration will suddenly surprise me.


0 thoughts on “HO! HO! SANTA

  1. Tell me about..I have worked in a supermarket for 20 years and i’m usually acutely aware of the long run-up to Xmas. This year I haven’t been working so i’m looking forward to a less hype filled festive season!

  2. I hate the canned churning out of seasonal tunes. Fortunately, we don’t get a lot of it, till I make a trip to the city, some 120 miles away.

    You’re right, reminding is done for us, but I think we switch off. That’s the opposite effect to the one the marketing gurus want.

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