Oh blast! I could have done without the computer going ‘phut’ this morning. What it actually did was post me up a nasty message saying my system wouldn’t burst into life, however, I could try booting up with my disk. After three or four tries at that, it was obvious that the optical drive was getting indigestion and not reading anything, so I gave up being a technician and worked at keeping my panic under control.

All my important folders are on my computer. It’s about 3 weeks since I did a folders back-up to an external drive. I wasn’t concerned about reloading programmes, pain though that would have been, it was the access to my folders that niggled at me. What if my system had died? What if it was in need of memory…it’s not that long since I put memory into it? What if…..

My friendly expert answered his phone and offered to visit me this evening, saying he’d bring some extra bits with him in view of what I had tried already.

By the time he left, the machine was up and running, I’d lost and reloaded my screen saver, (I’ll have to) delete the defunct link but that can wait, and I had been encouraged to think about buying a brand new all singing, speedy dancing system. I don’t think my expert was entirely surprised to find I wasn’t in the market for a replacement of my I.T. arrangements. I am perfectly happy to keep going with what I have currently got.

:wave: :DD



  1. Heartstopping, isn’t it?

    I coughed up £850 for getting all the data off my business laptop a few years ago – ouch! But I really needed all my emails to continue work. Now I have a nifty program that automatically backs up my emails to an external drive every time I shut it down. An expensive but useful lesson for us all!

  2. Don’t worry Tylluan, I will follow that advice, religiously. 😉

    It bothers me that there were broken links, and I can see where some other material I worked on has been affected. Back ups are a more frequent ‘must’.

  3. My friendly engineer and I discussed this very issue in depth, as he felt that one particular type of back up facility I use, may not be ideal for all situations.

  4. Oh heavens yes.

    Can you share the info about your nifty auto back up programme? I do have an external HD but I think I shall have to double up with DVD’s for belt and braces and other bits and bobs I do.

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