Can anybody help with a problem I do not seem to be able to resolve, p.l.e.a.s.e.

I used to receive email notifications of comments and replies to posts. This stopped working or happening, about the time the tags were re-invented. ❓ Anway, I have checked my personal profile several times, even re-input the data and saved it a couple of times.

I have changed/corrected the url. It is now my blog address; for some reason that had changed to ‘menhir’, on its own, which is not usually a url form.

Having done all this, I have absolutely no idea what else I can do to re-connect with email notifications to comments on my blog.


0 thoughts on “CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE.

  1. Strange you should mention that menhir because I dont always receive replies to comments I have made although people have replied its only a recent thing πŸ™„

  2. I did not get notified of this reply; I went in to my post to check. I did not think I was the only person inflicted with this or a similar glitch.

    My posts commentators are not being notified to me to my nominated email account

    My other arrangements elsewhere are running smoothly, so should blog uk. Lord only knows what has happened with the latest ‘improved’ fiddling on this site.

  3. PS I have found a pile of comments in the spam box, about which I am extremely puzzled. I hope retrieving the comments from gmail’s spam box will resolve the problem. Thank you for your assistance.

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