As I wandered out of a store past the newspaper stand, two front page headline ‘view grabbers’ as I call them, caught my eye.

One ‘grabber’, a banner, boldly stated, ” How I beat depression“. At that moment, I could think of many possibilities for beating it, the main one being, don’t buy newspapers, and especially, not that one. If I was feeling down or seriously depressed, would I want to read a newspaper?

Under a rather nice smiling picture of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, in another daily rag, a headline ran…”Diana, secret lover to marry”. The story, such as it might have been, (I did not seek it out) was to be found somewhere on the inside pages. I snorted with disgust and went out of the store, into the wet night.

The media will stoop to anything, by encouraging, even appealing to, voyeuristic tendencies,to try to sell its footage.


0 thoughts on “HEADLINE GRABBERS

  1. You know Bushka, I query whether the ‘masses’ crave what the media offer, (newspapers are getting harder to sell, admittedly) or whether the purchasers are being educated to be titillated. Titillation on a regular basis acts like a drug to many. There are other tranches who unquestioningly keep their reading interests base and simple.

  2. Do you think these rags will publish if they were not being bought? I agree ‘titilation can and does play a major part, appealing to the baser reaches of humans….;)

  3. I never buy newspapers, never have so won’t be starting now. My boss used to buy anything from the Times to the Daily Star and although the Daily Star mainly reported what had happened on TV the previous night, the Times had pages of letters from pompous and pretentious people assuming they were speaking on behalf of the people when infact they were speaking merely on behalf of their own kind of people.

  4. Some people buy a range of papers so they are ‘informed’ about the spread of propaganda and its type.

    What I saw in those two ‘grabbers’ (putting it politely, what no more than that and in the worst possible taste, as usual.

  5. There’s such a lot of money in it that the producers of this stuff are powerfully motivated to appeal to the baser elements. It continues to irritate me how perfectly pleasant people I know will complain about the rubbish that masquerades as news these days and yet they continue to buy the rags which churn it out!

    Is it hypocrisy, stupidity or cynicism?

    Answers on a postcard….

  6. Mr Penry makes it a point rarely to read newspapers or listen to the news. We do have newspapers, but mostly for when one of the dogs has an ‘accident’ (we get them free from our local library…)
    When you see a news headline, covered in you-know-what, just a week or so after it was considered so important, it puts it all into perspective!

  7. Regarding your question; it is all three facets that you suggest, I believe.

    In addition, the media, if you consider the material, are focussing on a particular age sector of the population that they think will be hooked and buy their papers. How much of their conditioning do they think they can continue to play with. Before long, the media will have to commence conditioning another generation but through different forms of media.

    People who require to be informed about what the papers say, will buy them and scan them, but not because they have been hooked by such low levels of hooking. They are hooked by whether or not their livelihoods are at stake or what the ‘other’ side is saying. The ‘know thine enemy’ syndrome.

    Now getting on to news……..oh, perhaps we were, were we?

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