It’s been a roller coaster of a month on the domestic front. One person is out of hospital, just, now able to take medication by mouth thus allowing things to calm down, and then there’ll be medical follow up in the near future.

Last night we received what was either a ‘hello’ keeping in contact, phone call, or a farewell chat. It reminded me of another relative who had done the same thing, many years ago.

Following a period of, could they, can’t they, will they, won’t they the outcome of medical deliberations and risk assessment, came through to us at lunch time today. The patient, away from home a month, this week, and already living with one life-threatening condition, was recovering from the operation for a second major problem that had developed. Today, visitors, apart from one, will be kept away.

The medical team decided they would try to give this patient an extended and better lease of life. Their trust in their skills and the faith in the patient’s personal strength appear to have been vindicated.



  1. Alas, the older we become then instances similar to what you relate above occur with greater frequency.
    I hope that there are positive and long lasting outcomes for your relatives.
    Love isadora xx

  2. Thanks Isadora.

    The 81st birthday is in March. This is a mentally alert person, an awkward cuss of a person, sometimes, who has a heart of gold. It is this cussedness that enables this person to energise and use the survival skills that have been very much in evidence over the last four years.

    It is all highly remarkable.

  3. Latest, this morning, appears to be that all is progressing well and, if that continues the patient could be home over the weekend. There’s an awful long journey involved, if it is to be travelling home by road, which I hope won’t prove stressful.

    It all sounds much better.

  4. Thank Ellie. Let’s hope close relative’s extraordinary manipulations to travel home in the least stressful manner, doesn’t cause difficulties.

    It’s now up to them.

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