Oh honestly! I’ve been editing tags……do I know what I am doing, no I do not!

What I do know is, one or two tricks of the trade seemed to work, but for the life of me why did forty-five, yes forty-five posts have to be changed to one string of tags. The list of titles were very different and one range of tags will not suit all.

I sincerely hope, should I wish to find anything in the archives, it or they will be findable. About that little action, I have great doubts.


0 thoughts on “SAVE ME FROM EDITED TAGS…

  1. There seemed to be a conjunction or ampersand in common, thereby condemning all 45 posts to the same tags. Stupid programming!

    Some other half dozens were repetitious headings of two or three posts.

    I tried editing a few posts individually, and for some reason the newly saved tags were not picked up by the exhortation to review the tags. I think I have one, or maybe two posts, that I am not touching. I have altered them manually.

    So, stuff it!

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