I get thoroughly bored with those who jump on the media’s favourite bandwagon for the day or the week, rarely giving time for any other non-sensational information to seep out, if it is given space to. Not to mention, of course, hearing about issues other than the navel gazing variety. You would almost believe that the media is neutral, balanced, unbiased, sweet and nice.


0 thoughts on “LOVELY MEDIA!

  1. Since I stopped work I stopped listening to the news on the radio. I don’t read my boss’s newspapers anymore because I have no boss. Sky offends me so I tend to watch Euronews. My life is cleaner and less troubled without Kay Burley, Nicky Campbell and Mike Parry spouting their biased rubbish into the air waves. It must be awful to know everything. No more asking where the loo is in department stores because they’d already know it.

  2. I love the metaphor of toilet needs. It is apt.

    As yet we are unable to tune in to world news of any sort. Euronews is not familiar…who owns it?

    Are there any internet download links, like or similar to iplayer?

  3. You are so right.

    It irritates me beyond measure the way the media blatantly manipulate us, and in the main, people fall into it, probably because of general inertia to think, and as you say, search around.

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