This is the time of year when, as I study my address book, I see the changes in personal friendships, of those who have lived and died. Perhaps it is because of the phase of my life, that this year, there have not been any divorces or separations.There are no new additions to family groups.

At this time of the year, I am thinking what stage of development we are all at. The very young ones, what will best suit them; the teenagers, maybe something ‘off the wall’. But then, what seems very different to my way of thinking, may be really weird for them…if that’s the case, then it’s definitely out of the box thinking, and I will go with it!

What about my contemporaries? They are scattered all over the world. What do their life circumstances and tastes tell me; they generate ideas as to what those friends might appreciate or enjoy. Some ideas I have are very simple, some a little more complex, others arrive serendipitously.

We, me and my contemporaries, are moving inexorably along, to being the older generation. Our older generation have nearly all passed on.


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