“Hey, come and look at this”………”Come on, see what I’ve found”.

I turned to see a girl aged about 9 years old, peering at an upper shelf in the shop I was in, waiting for a response from an invisible someone; she waited, there was no reply. So I asked, “ Have you found something interesting?” “No,” she said honestly and confidentially, “I’m just trying to annoy my friend”.

I moved on, peering at possible kids gifts. I sensed someone close by.
“My brother’s collecting all of these”. ‘These’ were sets of different styles of small metal cars. So, striking up conversation and showing an interest, “I might get a set of those” I said. “How old is your grandson?” ….. “My nephew” (We’ll let that one go), …. I think he would like this set said the girl, showing me a pack with some really colourful and sharply designed cars. Having cast my eyes over one or two more colour schemes, her choice was very definitely the best one and I told her so. You’re good at choosing things aren’t you”. … “Yes”, she answered, “I am a good chooser”.


0 thoughts on “I’M JUST TRYING TO ANNOY HER!

  1. Everyone should be good at something, so if this lady’s forte is to be a ‘good chooser’ then so be it :yes:

    When my Bella was small and she saw me cleaning the kitchen floor etc., she would say that I was a ‘good scrubber’ :))

  2. I’ll bet you really loved being a good scrubber, Isadora.

    The conversation with this young girl, was easy going, relaxed and very honestly, disarming.

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